With love, Noor.


The world is too magical
Life is too short
Stop wasting your time

Stop being afraid
Stop doubting
Stop waiting
Stop pretending
Stop acting
Stop playing like a fool
Stop being dependent
Stop playing the victim
Stop scrolling
Stop wasting energy
Stop running
Stop ‘trying’, just go!

Take that fucking leap
Go on that date
Be your own fucking best friend
Just send her that fkng message
Take yourself out for that lovely diner
Slow down
Be vulnerable
Ask him out
Take a step back
Lean back
Be alone
Be present
Be still
Be your own fucking light

Be You, cause there’s only one unique piece of You!

Not for the other
learn to find yourself worth it, cause you are!
You don’t see it yet? Look longer, look deeper
Go inwards
Ask yourself the right questions

Love yourself
Hug yourself
Look yourself in the eyes
Take that mirror
Comfort yourself
Spoil yourself
Treat yourself
Be your own biggest lover

Get inspired
Get wondered
Experience it
Smell it, feel it, see it, hear it
Live it
Be it

If this would be your last month on earth…
What would you do?

Would you do the things you do today?
Would you wonder if the world would still turn?
Would you continue being afraid?
Would you wait?

Start by being the leading role in your life
Start with being your own hero

With love,


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